Ultralight Fly Fishing the Orvis "Trout Bum"
Superfine 1 weight for 2008

In 1982, Orvis rod designer Howard Steere and Jim West, the fathers of modern day ultralighting brought us the Orvis Ultrafine 2-weight, then the Orvis Superfine 1-weight. With those two rods fly fishing truly became ultralight.

Now in the spring of 2008, Orvis and Jim West have brought out another Orvis Superfine ultralight fly fishing rod for enthusiasts worldwide -- this time in the family of Trout Bum rods. The result - a latest generation true 1-weight design that is very light, beautiful and has lots of bottom end power. You can catch those smaller fish with a quiet presentation, but when a bruiser surprises you, the bottom end power is available for you to land that fish quickly!

I have fished my Trout Bum 1-weight with both of Orvis' WF1F lines and they load the rod just fine. If you are planning to fish nymphs you might want the more aggressive of the two Orvis Wonderline 3 WF1Fs.

Today I fished my mid 1980s Superfine 1-weight side-by-side with my new Trout Bum 1-weight. The learning curve has helped. Technology and materials have improved a lot since 1982 and so has the rod.

The new Trout Bum 1-weight weighs 1 ounces -- one eighth ounce more than the original Superfine 1-weight of 1982, but I doubt many will ever notice the weight difference. Like the original, the Trout Bum 1-weight features a cork and ring reel seat. Teamed up with the black or natural Orvis BBs-1 reel and new Generation Three WF1F lines or DT1F line makes the perfect Orvis based 1-weight system.

This latest Orvis 1-weight compares very favorably to the original Orvis Superfine 1-weight with a modern look and feel. It isn't a major difference, but to my hand the new Trout Bum feels to be 25 to 30% faster because of two more ferrules and the later generation materials in it. I have over 1200 hours on my original Superfine1-weight. Comparing the flex point on my original to the Trout Bum 1-weight, the Trout Bum flexes farther up the rod shaft, than my original Superfine 1-weight. A little extra speed isn't a problem for me when I'm fishing bulky subsurface flies. With subtle dries -- it does a very nice job.

As I told Jim West at Orvis, the Trout Bum 1 weight seems lighter and stronger in my hand. Jim reminded me that the original Superfine 1-weight was made from different materials and old technology, plus straight tapers. The original Ultrafine 2 weight came out 26 years ago!

The new compund taper and lighter, stronger materials makes the new rod feel like it weighs LESS but in fact it weighs 1/8th ounce more. For my comparison I used the same reel and line on both rods. The Trout Bum 1 weight is faster and is just more fun to fish. It pushed a WF1F line well in wind to 15 to 20 mph!

The new Trout Bum 1-weight has the state-of-the-art look, feel, and performance in a true 1-weight. That's about all you could ask for. Being a 4 section rod it readily packs.

There you have it. A new generation Orvis 1-weight is here and it is VERY fishable! It is a joy to fish, will not physically tire us, will allow us a marvelous QUIET presentation, will give us unbelieveable feel and casting control, and will protect our light tippets needed in today's fly fishing. Then it will give us strong butt power to let us put MORE pressure on our fish to land them faster!

For more information on Orvis' new Trout Bum 1 weight, or to cast one in person, please drop by or call Orvis Atlanta, GA. at 404-841-0093 and ask for Shannon Ward, fly fishing manager, or any of his staff. He has the new Trout Bum 1-weight in stock NOW. You can also order by phone. Shannon, himself an avid ultralighter, knows and fishes Orvis ultralight rods, lines, leaders, and tippets.