Ultralight Fly Fishing the USA
with Bill Byrd

Although there are many websites and blogs calling themselves ultralight resources, this is your ORIGINAL ultralight fly fishing website. I have fly fished since 1968 making 2014 my 46th ultralight fly fishing season. Currently I have fished almost 5100 hours with light/ultralight fly tackle. I have more than 1200 hours fishing the Orvis 1 wt, plus thousands more hours on Ought, 2/0, and 3/0 Sage rods. I have even caught juvenile snook and tarpon on 2 weight fly rods! I helped define and subscribe to the new ultralight and light line definitions as supported by Jim West and Jerry Siem. I've been a freelance fly fishing writer since 1995, and was SE Regional Editor for Fly Fish America Magazine 2001 - 2002. My articles ran in Warmwater Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Fish America, and other publications. My site features coverage of fly fishing warm waters, cold waters, salt waters, and rivers. My LIGHT / ULTRALIGHT articles create a very comprehensive resource on the subject. I hope that you will enjoy my website.


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