Ultralight Fly Fishing the USA
with Bill Byrd

I have fly fished since 1968 making 2016 my 48th ultralight fly fishing season. Currently I have fished well over 5100 hours with light/ultralight fly tackle. I have more than 1200 hours fishing the Orvis 1 wt, plus thousands more hours on Ought, 2/0, and 3/0 Sage rods and most other available ultralight rods. I've been a freelance fly fishing writer since 1995, and was SE Regional Editor for Fly Fish America Magazine 2001 - 2002. My articles ran in Warmwater Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Fish America, and other publications. Then I created this website to make my information directly available to you. My writings have covered fly fishing warm waters, cold waters, salt waters, and rivers. My LIGHT / ULTRALIGHT articles have created a very comprehensive resource on the subject. Mostly I hope that you have enjoyed my website and learned from it as so many have over the years.

Everything and everyone has a life cycle. You may have wondered why my lack of new materials published here over the past 6 years. Some major events occurred in my life that pre-occupied me, so my writing stopped.

Now it is 2016 and I am saying thank you and I'm taking a real break. Because of emails I have received, I'm putting my articles back on the web for now. Thank you for your interest and comments over these 15 wonderful years. Even though these articles are dated, most carry a current message. Read them and enjoy them. I may be adding new articles as we move forward in the coming months.

It was my wife of 46 years who suggested that I pursue fly fishing fully, leading to this website, and my book. Before her death, my wife suggested that I quit working on this website and "just go fish". Mostly I'm following her sage advice. Now I will be spending my energies participating in my favorite sports: ul skeet shooting and bird hunting, scuba/cave diving, flying, travel, fly fishing, photography, amateur radio, and exploring new eateries. I'll pursue these things until I too am gone and am buried in my favorite lake with the guppies. Don't be surprised if a new article or two shows up in the future. ...Bill Byrd


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